This project is funded by the European Union (EU) and is implemented by WYG International on behalf of the EU Delegation to Republic of Serbia.

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Cheese Cluster South – City of Nis


Identification details
Official title of the project Cheese Cluster South – City of Nis
Region/ City


District of Nis

Sector(s) Food
Budget / EC contribution 353.590 EUR / 309.828 EUR
Implementation period 15 months
Expected results

-Improved communication and networking of regional stakeholders for joint action;

-Enhanced awareness of the benefits of clustering in accessing existing and new markers

-Increased capacities of RDA South in the establishment and management of a sector cluster;

Improved competitiveness of regional dairies by the introduction of updated technologies;

Recommendations for further development of milk industry with the special emphasis on the primary production and individual producers;

Raised levels of citizen’s awareness of the quality of domestic and regional products;

Beneficiary City of Nis

Municipalities of Pirot, Prokuplje, Regional Development Agency South

Contact details

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Ivan Pavlovic


Summary of the project Development of regions successful sectors which include cheese production focus on actions in sectors asnd sub-sectors which are important to the regional/sub regional economy, to harness the employment creation potential from inter-trading, the localised sourcing of procurement and non-competitive collaboration between enterprises. Main problems dairies, cheese producers in the region of Toplica, Nisava and Pirot district are facing are: low production capacities of region’s cheese producers, nonexistence of standardization and partial or total disrespect of quality standards in food production, bad connection of local actors and their unpreparedness to respond to the competence which comes from outside the region, poor organization of the market for raw material production (milk volume and quality), initial recognition of this part of Serbia as successful cheese producer but not as a recognized regional brand and huge monopoly of food distribution market (dairy products). Target groups are: dairies from Toplica, Nisava and Pirot districts, representatives of local administration from Pirot, Nis and Prokuplje, Regional Development Association and complete population of this region. Final beneficiaries are RDA South and dairies.
Main goal of the project  Creation of the favourable business environment and development of the region by strengthening capacities to support the balanced regional development
Specific objectives  -To upgrade opretion of regional and municipal structures for the creation of new jobs;-Support new methods of operations through awareness raising for cluster pooling.