This project is funded by the European Union (EU) and is implemented by WYG International on behalf of the EU Delegation to Republic of Serbia.

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Feasibility Study for a new Tourism Product of Divcibare


Identification details
Official title of the project Feasibility Study for a new Tourism Product of Divcibare
Region/ City


Disrticts: Kolubara and Zlatibor

Valjevo City

Municipalities: Mionica; Kosjeric; Pozega;

Sector(s) Tourism
Budget / EC contribution EUR 98,443 / EUR 80,443
Implementation period 10 month
Expected results -Tourist product defined

- Media campaign organized

-Improved cooperation between public, private and civil sector

Beneficiary City of Valjevo

Lead partner: City of Valjevo

Partners: Municipality of Kosjeric; Municipality of Pozega;

Contact details

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  • Project Manager
  • Project Administrator
  • Executive director
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 Tijana Todorovic


Summary of the project The purpose of the project is to present Divcibare to the market not only as a tourist destination but as a location suitable for investment and in this respect to invite domestic and foreign investors to invest in tourist industry. It is also planned to provide a basis for improvement of tourism products and to find the best solutions for improving the offer of Divcibare and make this tourist destination more competitive in the market. In the local strategies, Divcibare is recognized as one of the priorities that should be given full attention and offered support in further development. The next step is to make a feasibility study that will show which new tourist program can be developed for Divcibare. The basic problem why the tourism products of Divcibare have not been defined is the lack of human capacities for development of tourism and lack of initiative by key actors. The expected results of the project are: a defined tourism product, organized media campaign and improved cooperation between the public, civil and private sector.
Main goal of the project

 To increase economic competitiveness of Divcibare resort by developing and diversifying tourist offer


Specific objectives  Establishment of the base for new tourist product of Divcibare