This project is funded by the European Union (EU) and is implemented by WYG International on behalf of the EU Delegation to Republic of Serbia.

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Innovation Management for new Products (IMPuls)


Identification details
Official title of the project Innovation Management for new Products (IMPuls)
Region/ City


Districts: Moravički, Rasinski and Raški

Sector(s) Engineering
Budget / EC contribution EUR 966,624 / EUR 869,624
Implementation period

24 months

Expected results -Provided on-line support for rapid development technologies to 500 companies-Provided monitoring and benchmarking of competitiveness to 200 companies and increasing innovation capacity in 100 companies

-Provided education of 300 professionals from 100 companies on rapid development technologies, innovation management and development of competitiveness

- Provided support to 100 companies for development of 300 models and to 50 companies for 100 prototypes of new and improved products

Beneficiary Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Kraljevo

Lead partner: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering KraljevoAlma Mater Partners: Studiorum Università di Bologna, Italian;

Regional Chamber of Commerce Kraljevo, Serbian;

City of Kraljevo, Serbian;

Regional Centre for Small and Medium Sized Enterprise Development Kruševac, Serbian;

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 Snezana Ciric-Kostic


Summary of the project Competitiveness of Serbian economy lags at the bottom of European countries. Design and development of cutting-edge products is the only way to become competitive in open international market. This requires, among other things, presence of high-level R&D institutions and extensive collaboration between universities and industry. The overall objective of the project is to increase competitiveness of manufacturing companies of Moravicki, Raski and Rasinski District by enhancing innovation through support to development of new products by modern development technologies. Technology basis for the project will be established at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Kraljevo. The project will bring up direct and indirect benefits to targeted groups through multiple layers of achieved results: raised regional technological level in rapid development technology, established on-line service, improved regional human capacity among SME sector, stimulation of innovation activities, enhancement of business performance of companies, innovation and competitiveness measurements, establishment of regional innovation public-private partnership, EU best practice transferring, improvement of regional market of development services, application of innovative methodology and raising awareness about importance of innovation.
Main goal of the project  Improvement of competitiveness of manufacturing industry of the considered regions 
Specific objectives -Facilitating development of innovative products by modern design technologies-Exploitation of present R&D resources for needs of local industry