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RDA Zlatibor received Accreditation

Based on decision of the National Agency for Regional Development, and the proposal of Accreditation Commission from 27 January 2012, the RDA Zlatibor Ltd Uzice received the accreditation for working and supporting improvement and promotion of regional development  of Šumadija and Western Serbia.
The accreditation process is conducted according to the Law on Regional Development of Serbia (Sluzbeni glasnik 51/09 and 30/10), while the conditions and criteria for accreditation are regulated by the Decree on establishing conditions, criteria and methods of accreditation for the performance of regional development and withdrawal of accreditation before the service (Official Gazette RS 74/10).

RRA Zlatibor Užice is the second development agency in the region of Šumadija and Western Serbia to be accredited, after Regional Agency for Spatial and Economic Development of Raska and Morava districts of Kraljevo.
Accreditation of regional development agencies is carried out to establish legal and institutional framework for planning, organizing, coordinating and implementing development activities and to ensure the quality and sustainability of institutions dealing with regional development in accordance with the Law on Regional Development.
In this way, accredited agencies are delegated state affairs and implementation of development projects and activities financed from the budget and other resources in accordance with the Law. In addition, accredited agency represents the interest of the region in its relations with the National Agency for Regional Development, works with local government in preparing and implementing local development plans, facilitates international, cross-border and inter-municipal cooperation within its jurisdiction and coordinates information system relevant to the region.
First accreditation is received for the period of two years after which the agency needs to be re-accredited.