This project is funded by the European Union (EU) and is implemented by WYG International on behalf of the EU Delegation to Republic of Serbia.

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Awards to the authors of the best handicrafts “100 WOMEN – 100 MINIATURES”

Belgrade, January 18 – Official award ceremony, within the juried exhibition of handicrafts entitled “100 women – 100 miniatures”, was held today in the Gallery of the National Bank of Serbia. This exhibition is one of the activities within the project “Jobs in rural regions”, funded by the European Union, through RSEDP2 programme, and implemented by the Ethno Network. The exhibition was also supported by the National Agency for Regional Development and the City of Belgrade.

Sofija Arsic, experts’ coordinator of Ethno Network and author of the idea of miniatures exhibition, thanked to all the partners for their support and emphasised the importance of participation of women from all over Serbia in such event. She said that the goal of the project should not be awards, but enabling women to earn for themselves and their families by producing handicrafts. She also invited young authors to participate in the project and demonstrate their skills. Andrew Headey, Head of Operations III of the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia, highlighted that the European Union, through the RSEDP2 programme, invested 226,000 euros to support the project of employing women in rural areas.

 - In the next two years, during the project, we expect creating of 300 new working places for women, at least three new products and the new center for professional training, to assist women with improving production and selling their products – said Mr. Headey.

 The Experts jury, consisting of Ethno Network designers and experts from the Faculty of Applied Arts, brought the decision on the best four miniatures, while the Honorary jury was deciding on the best young author. Awarded authors received the prizes – 1,000 euros each, as an incentive for further work and improvement.

 The award of Experts jury for the best miniature created in technique of embroidery was granted to Zorica Jovanovic from Boljevac, for fillet-lace making to Gordana Vidanovic from Bela Palanka, and in the category of weaving to Evica Djuric from Veliko Gradiste. The award in the category of felting wool was granted to Ljiljana Misetic from Odzaci. The best young author, according to the Honorary jury, was Danijela Aradjanski from Kikinda. Awards were delivered by Ana Zegarac, Assistant director of the National Agency for Regional Development, while Slobodan Bata Spasojevic, fashion designer and a member of the Honorary jury, congratulated to the most successful young author.

 The idea of Ethno Network is to establish traditional exhibition, that is held for the second time this year, and the main goal is strengthening associations of producers of handicrafts in the partners municipalities of Eastern Serbia, encouraging their creativity and supporting (self)employment of women from rural, less developed areas.