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Accreditation of RDA Backa

Regional Development Agency Backa is pleased to inform the public that on January 27th 2012 it was accredited, by the National Agency for Regional Development – the decision number 02 No. 48-9/12, to perform actions of importance for balanced regional development in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Serbia on gaining accreditation (“Official Gazette RS”, no. 74/2010) and the Law on Regional Development.

By gaining accreditation, Regional Development Agency Backa becomes the subject of regional development, and that will enable it to implement the measures and programs of importance for the balanced regional development on the territory of Backa, inhabited by over one million people and to actively contribute to socio-economic development of Backa and local governments located in its territory.

Regional Development Agency Backa was established on April 28th 2010 in Novi Sad, in accordance with the Law on Regional Development. The founders of the Development Agency are thirteen local authorities in the territory of Backa: Bac, Backa Palanka, Backi Petrovac, Beocin, Becej, Srbobran, Sremski Karlovci, Odzaci, Kula, Vrbas, Titel, Zabalj and Sombor, and five business entities Slovan Progres – Selenca, Recycling Center Braca Ilic – Backa Palanka, I2R Ltd. Novi Sad, the European Movement in Serbia – Novi Sad, Centre for Organic Production – Selenca.

The future role and importance of the Regional Development Agency Backa, in addition to its founders, was recognized by the Delegation of the European Union in Serbia, which financially supported the development of institutional capacities and functioning of the Agency until 2014.

As the only accredited Regional Development Agency in the area of Backa, Development Agency Backa shall enable through its actions, to all interested local governments, small and medium enterprises, entrepreneurs and educational institutions, participation in the programs conducted by the National Agency for Regional Development, which are important for social and economic development of Backa.