This project is funded by the European Union (EU) and is implemented by WYG International on behalf of the EU Delegation to Republic of Serbia.

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Who We Are?

Over the last several years, economic and social development, regional cooperation and networking have become vital part of any concept of a successful and sustainable economy, one that is operating under European principles and standards and is a leader and a key player on the united EU market. It is for these purposes that the EU, as one of the largest donors in this country, has been significantly supporting Serbia’s road to accession. As an instrument of this support the EU is providing IPA Fund (Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance) offering assistance to countries engaged in the accession process to the EU through strengthening institutional capacity, cross-border cooperation and economic, social and rural development.

  1. The Serbian Government now recognises the need for a coherent policy for regional development. Indeed, as Serbia seeks to integrate its economy and markets in the global and, in particular in the EU single market, there is an imperative need to ensure that all areas of the country are capable of competing within these new markets.
  2. The priorities and conditions for a further integration into the European Union are outlined in the European Partnership for Serbia (Council Decision 2008/213/EC of 18 February 2008). The Partnership indicates that one of the short-term priorities is to continue with the implementation of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) and EU integration processes, whereas the medium-term priorities are the further strengthening of European integration capacities at all levels, implementing constitutional provisions relating to decentralisation and improving business environment in order to increase green field foreign direct investment.
  3. Furthermore, the Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA), signed between the Republic of Serbia and the EU in April 2008, indicates in Article 113 that one of the priority cooperation areas between the EU and Serbia is the strengthening of the regional and local cooperation with the objective to enhance economic development and decrease regional disparities.
  4. Regional Socio-Economic Development Programme 2 represents a part of IPA 2007 funding programme and is hence funded by the European Union. Main beneficiary is Ministry of Economy and Regional Development but our partners on this task are all relevant national and local institutions as well as other government, non-government and business organisations. Started in June 2009, this project inherited RSEDP1 as the first stage of the programme in Serbia and is today comprised of three components, focused on capacity building through:
    • Support to Regional Development Agencies (RDA)
    • Encouragement and support to Inter Municipal Cooperation
    • Promotion and Management of Grant Scheme

The project is implemented by European consortium led by WYG International consultancy enterprise.

(More information on each project component can be found on their corresponding pages)

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