This project is funded by the European Union (EU) and is implemented by WYG International on behalf of the EU Delegation to Republic of Serbia.

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What We Do?

Vincent Degert, Head of the Delegation of the EU to the Republic of Serbia:

The EU is very committed to boosting the competitiveness of the regions, not only in our member states but also in the countries wishing to join the EU family one day. This is why we have since 2000 donated over 12 million for projects which help Serbian regions to grow and become more competitive on local, national and European levels. With our RSEDP2 programme specifically, we are helping the regions to boost their competitiveness to improve their knowledge and widen their networks both in Serbia and in Europe which will bring growth and generate jobs in a sustainable way. 

Regional Socio-Economic Development Programme (RSEDP) is an EU funded project designed to provide strategic and operational support to Regional Development Agencies encouraging them to take a prominent role and improve their competencies in the regional development process and to become credible partners in the implementation of regional development plans and programmes both to the community level stakeholders and the Government.

RSEDP2, as part of the EU IPA funding, is also coordinating and monitoring the total of 32 Grant Scheme for regional development projects with the total EU funding of 12 million euro.

It is our mission to strengthen the capacities in Serbia for the design and implementation of a policy for a balanced territorial socio-economic development in the perspective of EU accession.

Martin Flaherty, RSEDP2 Team Leader:

RSEDP2’s main objective is to strengthen the capacities in Serbia, for the design and implementation of a policy for balanced regional socio-economic development in the context of Serbia’s accession to the EU and so until the end of our programme, RSEDP2 and the Delegation of the European Union to Serbia will continue to work with the Ministry of Economy and Regional development, National agency for regional development, local authorities and regional development agencies, to build capacities to develop regional strategies which are aligned with national priorities and which reflect locally and regionally generated programmes and projects thus contributing to the creation of an equal opportunity environment, competitive business and balanced regional economic growth.

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