This project is funded by the European Union (EU) and is implemented by WYG International on behalf of the EU Delegation to Republic of Serbia.

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About WYG International

We are an established global management and technical consultancy to the built and natural environment that works in partnership with clients in over 40 countries to help them realise their corporate and project ambitions.

From new homes, schools and hospitals to newly-energised towns and cities, our 1,500 expert consultants have been shaping the world’s landscapes for decades.

We provide a diverse range of services to clients across numerous sectors worldwide, offering creative and effective solutions to their projects.
Regional economic development is one of the key means by which governments seek to reduce and remove regional disparities in economic and social well-being.

WYG International has been involved in the design, development and implementation of regional economic development policies and programmes for over 20 years as a leading adviser in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe and Southern Africa.
We have provided advice, technical assistance and capacity development to national, regional and local governments, agencies and businesses.

The disparities that these agencies face can be caused by a number of factors, each of which may require a different response. WYG International has significant global experience in responding to all of the following situations:

  • The decline of traditional industries due to exhaustion of resources or global changes in supply and demand, leading to long-term unemployment, poverty and social exclusion
  • The differences in prosperity between urban and rural areas
  • Transitions in the economic management systems of countries, such as a move from a centrally-planned economy, or even a break-up of a previous union, such as the USSR or the former Yugoslavia
  • The legacy of war, particularly on border areas and newly-independent states leading to a lack of private sector investment, polarised communities and depopulation

WYG International has a unique understanding of the difficulties and opportunities involved in developing and transitional countries. Much of this experience comes from local experts with direct experience of economic development in their own region.

“We’re committed to providing excellence and inspiring confidence in everything we do. We’re a dynamic and growing business, focused on meeting the changing needs of our Clients. Our people are the secret of our success. By harnessing their expertise we’re consistently delivering value for Clients on projects around the world.” That’s why our message for Clients, staff and partners is clear: ‘WYG. Creative minds, safe hands.’
Paul Hamer – Chief Executive Officer

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